Beginners Guide to Frosty Mornings

We all know that as we get further into the depths of winter, the mornings get darker, colder and generally more miserable. As you force yourself out of your warm bed, you may be dreading facing the consequences of a sharp drop in temperature.

Winter is full of challenges for drivers such as mechanical failures, icy roads and other painful experiences that you will want to avoid wherever possible. For newer drivers, this time of year can be particularly stressful, so we want to share some tips to try and get you safely through the frosty mornings:

Have an emergency pack in your car

In the worst-case scenario, you could break down at the side of the motorway in the dark and in freezing temperatures. You can prepare for such an event by packing some warm clothes, a blanket, waterproofs, food and water. It is also a good idea to ensure that your mobile is fully charged in case you need to get in touch with your breakdown company. Make sure that the number of your breakdown company is stored in your phone, as you will get a hefty charge if you call out a company that you are not a member of!

Check your tyres

The roads are likely to be more slippery than usual and black ice can be lurking anywhere. As well as driving slower in icy weather, ensuring that your tyre tread is okay and that your tyres are inflated correctly will provide extra control on the road.

De-icer at the ready

De-icer is a driver’s best friend in the winter but as well as using it in the morning, you may need to use it when you get back into your car, especially on really cold days. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a can of de-icer in the car at all times.

Keep your car ticking over

If you do not use your car regularly then this can cause battery problems, so regularly turning the engine over each day will help to prevent this. Of course we can help you should you need a new car.

Clean windscreens

Keep a cloth inside your car to wipe the inside of the windscreen with, in case it steams up. This can happen unexpectedly when you start driving, so make sure that your windows are clear before you set off so that your vision isn’t impaired in any way.

Essential travel only

Driving in adverse weather conditions is difficult even for well-seasoned drivers, so if the weather gets worse, ask yourself if your trip is completely essential. If it isn’t, reschedule your trip or find a safer way to travel.

Plan your journey

If you are travelling somewhere new or somewhere you are not used to, make sure that you find the safest route to take. If you know that there is a sharp bend or steep descend along the journey, then try and find an alternative route. Also, make sure that you have enough fuel in your car to complete the journey.

Safety should always be your first concern when travelling in Winter, with the dangerous weather conditions drivers are more prone to accidents. Always be cautious when driving in the bad weather and refer to these tips before setting off.