Restoration on any scale is a true test of a person’s patience. Restoring a classic car is probably the ultimate labour of love; so much time, skill and a good garage with the right tools is needed to be able to do the job. Bringing an old banger back from the dead and giving it another lease of life is a truly rewarding experience and can even turn a profit if you’re looking to sell the car on.

Most classic cars are too expensive for the average collector in the UK, so more and more people are looking to restoration as a way of owning their dream classic car. But in order to achieve that dream car, there’s work to be done – the average car restoration project takes an estimated 1,000 hours to complete.

So, what will you need to consider when restoring a classic car back to its former glory?

Car restoration is a big commitment; it can be easy to underestimate costs and the time it will take, that’s why it is important to do your homework before investing.

Time and Money

Time is going to be the biggest thing you will need to give up when working on your car, so if you don’t have time on your hands, your project will be destined to fail from the beginning. Make sure you can concentrate fully on the project, without interfering with your family or work life.

And then there’s the cost: the average classic car restoration can cost anywhere between £15,000 and £40,000 including the price of the car itself. All the tools and materials will rack up quite a bill, so you will need to set a realistic budget depending on the car you are thinking of buying and how much work is required.

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