Car safety is constantly evolving and now we are in a new era for car safety technologies thanks to the dawning of tech such as A.I. Car safety used to focus around reducing death and injury in the event of a crash, whilst now the focus has switched to being able to prevent crashes from happening at all.

When you’re shopping for a new car the sheer amount of new safety features that you’re likely to encounter can be intimidating. To help you filter out the noise, we’ve compiled an overview of all the advanced safety features you will find on newly built vehicles:

Forward Collision Warning

This system sounds a warning if you are approaching a slowing or stopped vehicle too quickly or show no signs of braking. The warning system will let you know that a collision is imminent, hopefully helping you brake in time to avoid the crash.

With distracted driving at an all-time high and most crashes coming from people driving whilst using their smart phone, this piece of tech is advisable to have included in all motor vehicles.

Automatic Emergency Braking

If your vehicle senses a collision is imminent then this system will automatically apply your emergency brakes in an attempt to avoid the collision or reduce the impact as much as possible. This system will usually come equipped alongside forward collision warning systems and looks set to be required by all manufacturers in cars built from the year 2020.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The first steps to fully self-driving cars seems to be starting now with adaptive speed controls. With cruise control set to a certain speed, the car will make adjustments to that speed depending on other vehicles around you to keep you at a pre-determined distance.

Although this isn’t a necessary system you will also have to have faith in your vehicle to speed up and slow down on its own. For most current drivers this system may seem too alien, but it could be a system we see feature heavily in the future.

Always check the safety features included on any used wheels you buy to make sure they will keep you and your family safe when out on the roads.