6 tips to safer driving this Autumn

Across the UK we have definitely been having our fair share of autumn weather, so it’s time to start talking about driving safety in the different weather conditions. Below are our tips to keep you driving safely in the colder months.

1 Clean away the leaves

Your plenum chambers can easily become congested with water and leaves in the wetter months, which will eventually lead to it filling with water. This can seep into your car's electrics and cause damage which can be both expensive and potentially dangerous.
Make sure during the autumn/winter months you clean out your plenum chambers to avoid this.

2 Avoid the dazzle

It’s the time of year where the sun is low at rush hour driving times, causing some difficulty when driving. There are a few things you can do to help avoid this, especially having a pair of sunglasses handy!
You should also keep your windscreens clean as this will remove the hazy film that makes it difficult to see. If you happen to have any chips or scratches in your windscreen you should try and get them sorted as they can intensify the suns glare!

3 Check your tyres

This is something to do regularly anyway, but especially so in autumn as we approach the wetter months. You should check your tyre pressures as it will help you to stop skidding when the weather does get wetter. If your car does happen to aquaplane, then remember to not panic and keep your actions to a minimum so you can regain control of the car.

4 Be wary of slippery surfaces

Relevant to the points above, our next tip is to drive with caution in our autumn conditions! Leaves on the floor can be dangerous and slippy so you should reduce your speed when approaching them.
You should also avoid driving through water when you can as this will damage your engine. Be sure to avoid hard acceleration or braking in these conditions.

5 Consider changing your battery

If your battery is five or more years old or is showing signs of age, there’s a chance that when the really cold weather hits, it will pack in. It would be a good idea in the autumn to consider renewing your battery if you’re worried about it surviving the winter.

6 Check your washer fluid

In the UK, autumn to us means a lot of rain, so you will likely be using your windscreen wipers more and more. You should check your windscreen washer fluid is topped up, so you don’t scratch your windshield. Plus, it will keep your windscreen clean which will help reduce glare. It’s just as important to drive safe in the autumn as it is in the winter, as conditions can be just as bad. Make sure you stay safe on the roads this Autumn!

Safe driving and do check out our selection of used cars for sale the next time you need a new car. Let us know on our social accounts if you have used any of these tips: