5 More Useful Car Accessories

In one of our previous blogs we looked at some car accessories that are actually very helpful additions to our vehicles. We’ve all been guilty of spotting what we think is a bargain accessory, only for it to end up being a useless piece of junk that rolls around under the driver’s seat until we finally find the courage to cut our losses and throw it in the bin.

But you don’t have to experiment anymore with dodgy car gadgets. We’ve compiled another five useful items that all car drivers can use:

Tyre Puncture Repair

We all suffer a flat tyre at least once in our lives and it isn’t always safe to pull over and change to our spare, especially if we’re on the motorway. Roll up the tyre puncture repair – in a can! Suitable for all cars; simply attach the cans hose to your tyre and it’ll work its magic.

WonderGel Seat Cushion

Long journeys can be murder on our derriere, but with the ultra-soft durable gel mould cushions that moulds perfectly to the shape of any behind, you can drive in comfort.

Memory Foam Neck Cushion

To add some more comfort and protect your neck, you should think of buying a neck pillow. They attach easily to your head rest, making those traffic jams a little easier to deal with. The pillow retains heat to relax the muscles in your neck, meaning you’ll arrive at work on Monday morning relatively stress free.

Car Litter Bin

Now you can actually get people in your back seat without them having to climb over the mountains of litter you’ve thrown. A leakproof litter basket is perfect to keep all your rubbish together so you can easily chuck it in the bin when you get the chance.


Possibly one of the most useful modern car gadgets is the dashcam. They will record any accident that happens, so you can easily prove that something wasn’t your fault, helping you avoid fines or even jail time.

You can now kit out your new or used sports car with the latest car gadgets that will improve your driving experience.