5 Car Accessories Which Are Actually Useful

If you own a car, then chances are you’ve received some car accessories in your Christmas stockings over the years. Most of them are useless tat that tends to remain in its packaging for the few months before it finally ends up in the bin, or you pass it on to someone else as a ‘present’.

We’ve searched through them all to compile a list of car accessories which are actually really useful:

Blind Spot Mirrors

With all the advancements in car safety technology, one danger that still lingers is the blind spot. Blind spot mirrors are a cheap and simple solution to demisting the foggy area just outside our peripherals when driving, ensuring you get a clear view around your car and hopefully avoiding any accidents.

Drop Stop

There’s nothing more annoying than dropping something in your car only for it to fall into your ‘Carmuda Triangle’, never to be seen again. The drop stop fits into your car seat gaps and stops them from eating your phone, change and wallet if they should fall out of your pocket when driving.

Dashboard Gel Pad

We never learn: we all try and store things on our dashboard, only to have them fly every which way when we accelerate past 2mph. Now there’s a way to stick your stuff onto your dashboard, with a gel pad. They are quick and easy to apply and will keep everything in place when you’re driving.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

The simplest way to check your tyre pressure is with a digital gauge. It’s easy-to-read light up screen can even be used in the dark.

Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker Tool

In the event of an accident your seatbelt and windows can hold you back from escaping from your vehicle. This is a tool which you’ll hope you’ll never use, but it could save your life if the time ever comes.

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