4 Perfect Cars for Any Dog Owners

There are many tightropes to be walked when deciding on a new car; will we have enough room to fit everything? Is it safe for children? Is it economical?

One thing people tend to overlook asking, is whether it is dog friendly. Dogs are an important part of the family, but few of us tend to think about man’s best friend when purchasing a car. After all – they have to ride in it too.

To make life easier we have compiled a list of some of the most dog friendly cars on the market:

Land Rover Discovery

If you are one who likes taking their dog for long walks off the beaten track, then you are going to need a car that can match your outdoor activities. The Land Rover is the perfect 4x4 for finding the ideal off-road walking spot. They come with seven highly comfortable seats to fit the whole family and the Discovery also boasts a huge boot able to fit a dog cage in, so your pooch can ride in safety and comfort. You can also buy rubber floor mats that fit the boot space to protect from muddy paws.

Skoda Fabia Estate

For those with smaller dogs, you will need a smaller boot, with low, wide openings to make it easy for your shorter dog to hop in and out. This compact estate is perfect for those smaller dogs as it still has a massive 530 litre boot space, so you can fit more than one dog inside. Dividing guards are easily available to prevent your dogs from escaping into the passenger seat when you’re driving.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

For those who care about the environment as much as they care about their pets, this plug-in hybrid is capable of covering most city journeys on electricity alone. The boot is large enough to hold almost any breed of dog and the optional guard protects your safety whilst rubber matting protects the floor.

Skoda Superb Estate

The perfect all-rounder for all dog owners, this estate has seats comfortable for both human and canine passengers alike. Skoda also offers a range of dog friendly accessories from a Dog Safety Belt to an easy-clean rubber boot floor.

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